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Coconut Oil Handsoap - 1 Gallon

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TrueKleen Coconut Oil Handsoap - 1 Gallon

Rich luxe lather & deep cleaning!

A liquid soap of superior quality for washing the skin and hands. Formulated with unadulterated coconut oil for its rich lather and its deep cleaning... All the natural glycerin has been retained to avoid drying the skin.


  • Unadulterated Coconut Oil: Made with the recognized best ingredient for formulating personal use soap.
  • Glycerin Retained: Some producers extract the valuable natural glycerin from the coconut oil for sale or use in higher priced products.
  • Rich Lather: The unadulterated coconut oil makes for a much desired luxurious foam.
  • Deep Cleaning: Coconut oil is recognized for its cleaning ability.
  • Kind to the Skin: The retained glycerin keeps the deep cleaning from irritating the skin.
  • Optimum Viscosity: Just right for dispensers. Not too thick to clog them, not too thin to drip.

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