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Use code ATLAS for 10% off your first order with us!

D/2 Biological Solution - 2 Gallons

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D/2 Biological Solution - 2 Gallons

Size: 2x 1-Gallons

D/2 Biological Solution is a biodegradable, easy to use liquid that removes stains from mold, algae, mildew, lichens and air pollutants. It is effective on marble, granite, limestone, brownstone, travertine, masonry, terra cotta, concrete, stucco, wood, and other architectural surfaces including monuments, sculpture and headstones. A contact time of only 10 to 15 minutes followed by scrubbing with a soft nylon or natural bristle brush will loosen most biological and air pollutant staining.

D/2 Biological Solution is effective for removing harmful biological and air pollutant staining from many building materials including masonry, marble, granite, limestone, brownstone, travertine, terra cotta, concrete, stucco, wood, canvas and vinyl & aluminum siding.

Check out all the of the users of D/2!: Including The White House, The Veterans Administration, and the Congressional Cemetery. 

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Questions & Answers

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  • Is this a concentrate? If not, how much surface will a gallon cover?

    For advanced biological growth it is recommended to use the D/2 undiluted. 
    Typical coverage is 250-350 square feet per gallon.

  • We have numerous old limestone headstones from the mid 1800s to modern ones in our family cemetery - some 300 total. I'm wondering just how much cleaner it would take to clean all of them. They were professionally done about 15 years ago so there's not a lot of 'buildup' on them. But we're worried about the cost.

    Typical coverage to remove medium stains will vary from 250 to 350 square feet per gallon. This can vary depending on the porosity of the stone. 
    I would estimate you would be able to clean about 25-30 of these headstones per gallon, therefore about 10 gallons total for 300.

  • Can I buy just 1 gallon?

    Yes, you can buy 1 gallon here

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Gwen Harmon
Great company

Website is easy to follow. Ordering is a snap and shipping is probably the fastest I’ve ever seen. Products come well packed and protected. This is how a company should be run!!

Deborah Lyman
Excellent product

For about 4 good weather seasons, I have used this product to clean old headstones at a local cemetery.

What is amazing is how good the stones look after 4 straight years of watching them turn brighter and brighter with each passing year.

Bridget Lenard

Great Product! It works exactly like it says. It continues to work so your stone gets whiter and brighter over time.

david p
Good stuff!!!

Use this in a spray and forget mode most times; do a second spray a month or so later. Most cemetery markers are quite clean and readable by then.

Lee Law

Amazing product and will purchase again Remembering those who are forgotten and safely restoring their graves. Below some before and after pictures