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CLICK TO VIEW D/2 Cleaning Contest Winners!

D/2 Biological Solution Set (Mini)


This small gravestone cleaning set includes:

D/2 Biological Solution - 1 Quart OR 1 Gallon
Magnolia Brush - Utility Scrub Brush
Magnolia Brush - 8" Plastic Brush, Black Polypropylene Bristles
2" or 3" Plastic Scraper


Ask a Question
  • How many stones can be cleaned with this set, assuming an average size stone with two applications each? Also, does the set include step-by-step cleaning instructions in the package? I'm sending this to a friend who has never cleaned a stone before. Thanks for any info.

    D/2 Biological Solution has coverage of roughly 250-300 square feet/gallon. The quart size, therefore will clean roughly 60-75 square feet. You can get away with 1-2 sized average stones with the quart! We are working on creating a small flyer with simple instructions to include in our kits. We recommend spraying the D/2 Biological Solution onto the entire stone, scraping and scrubbing (with scraper and brush included in the kit) problem areas where growth has built up. After proper scrubbing, rinse the stone with water! The D/2 will continue to act on the stone in the coming weeks where maximum effect will be achieved.