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D/2 Cleaning Contest!
D/2 Cleaning Contest!

Great Dixter Planting Spade - 22" total length


As much of our planting is done on our hands and knees, this short handled spade with a narrow head makes digging larger holes easier and less arduous than using a hand trowel. (anticipation of wrist complaints). The handle enables you to use both hands when digging but also gives greater control and precision than you would have using a proper length spade. Its angled head means you can scoop the soil out. This is a really useful tool when tucking in plants among others. Also designed to make the perfect planting hole, lifting and to divide perennial shrubs, the perennial spade is a welcome and most useful addition to any garden. The blade is made like a scope, measuring 22 inches overall, – is equally suited working in areas where a full size spade would be too cumbersome.

Product information

  • Width of Head: 5″
  • Length of Head: 5.5″
  • Length of handle 16.5″
  • Total Length: 22″
  • Material of Wood: Ash
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs.


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  • Is this a Sneeboer?

    Yes this "Great Dixter Planting Spade - 22" total length" is from Sneeboer.