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FREE Atlas Gear w/ Select Gift Card Purchases & Orders $250+

Headstone Wreath Holder


*WREATHS, CONES, MEMORIAL PILLOWS & BLANKETS COMING SOON!* Sourced from a local CT Farm. Available first week of December.

Headstone Wreath Holder
  • Adjustable: 7-11" can expand to fit different size headstones
  • Military: 4" wreath holder made specifically for military headstones
  • Solid Aluminum, will not rust or stain headstone
  • Wreath not included
  • Wreath will stay put


Ask a Question
  • Does the metal touching the stone cause any scratching of the polished finishes? Will it hold if felt is placed between the metal and the stone? We deal with many very old and fragile Marble, and slate stones and do not let anything touch them generally. Not sure if I can recommend this device if there is no way to protect the stone from the rubbing the stone dues to vibration that will occur from wind and natural elements. seems a felt or foam under side where it touches the stone would be needed. Do you have before and after long term wear photos?

    These wreath holders have rubber backing on each corner that protect the stone! Unfortunately, we do not have any long term before and after photos. You can certainly add to the backing if you wish.