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High Visibility Helmet Fan Attachment with Lithium Ion Battery (Full Brim)



Includes Helmet Fan, Helmet Strap, AA Battery Box, Belt Clip, Cable, Cord Band

*Hard hat/Helmet not included

Specially made fan designed to be attached to a FULL BRIM hat so that air sucked in from the fan is circulated throughout your head to your forehead. Tests show a significant drop in humidity and temperature inside your helmet


Construction, Refineries, Forestry, Factories, Roadwork


  • Fabric: 100% Polyester
  • Attachment Belt: Vinyl Chloride
  • Anti-static
  • The electrical components can be easily removed. Only the Helmet fabric can be machine washed.


More air flow (up to 250% more) and longer lasting than the AA battery, with 5 to 6 years of battery life, this will definitely be a more cost efficient option.

Turbo Power/High Power/Standard/Low Power

T: 3.7 gallons of air/sec 10 Hours

H: 3.0 gallons of air/sec 18 Hours

S: 2.2 gallons of air/sec 30 Hours

L: 1.5 gallons of air/sec 42 Hours


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