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Incralac Aerosol Can - Gloss


The Incralac product so many people have come to enjoy is now available in aerosol cans for easy application. Incralac is made from Acryloid B-44 with benzotriazole and a UV stabilizer and can be removed with Xylene. Incralac Aerosol is now available in either a gloss or matte finish.

Developed by INCRA (International Copper Research Org.) as a corrosion resistant, fast curing copper and copper-alloy coating. Coverage is approximately 10sq. ft per can at a coating thickness of 1 mil.

TYPE: Gloss

SDS Sheet     Instruction Sheet


Ask a Question
  • Is this a clear finish?

    Yes, the Gloss and Matte are both clear finishes made for metals.

  • How long in between coats? How many coats? And how long before I can paint on top of it with acrylic paint?

    Incralac is a final coat and is not meant to be painted over.