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Use code ATLAS for 10% off your first order with us!

Lettering Spray - 400ml

by Akemi
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Color: Antique White

Akemi Lettering Spray - 400ml

1-component lacquers on the basis of air-dried alkyd resins. Fast-drying, high-resistance towards light and weathering and high covering power.

Used to accentuate inscriptions on monuments, gravestones and sculptures. They do not flow out on porous, absorbent stone and adhere well on stone, wood and metal. They can be sprayed on or applied with a brush. Pre-colored, interior and exterior.

Material: Natural stone, Granite, Marble and limestone
UV Stability: Excellent
Area of Application: Garden & terrace, Gravestone & monument
Color Options: Antique Silver, Gold, White, Black
Size: 400 ML

Antique Silver Safety Data Sheet    Instruction Sheet
Antique Gold Safety Data Sheet
Black & White Safety Data Sheet

Questions & Answers

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  • In the description it says the paint can be sprayed on or applied with a brush. Is it available in storage type cans? Or do you mean it can be sprayed into s container and retain its liquid state long enough to be applied with a brush? Thank you.

    Yes it can be applied with a brush, however we now have Akemi Liquid Lettering Paints available (19 different colors).

Customer Reviews

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Quality yet somewhat dated

The paint works really well and when it dries it looks beautiful, my only real gripe with it, is the can. Like me after my last relationship, this can is particular about how its held at times. Once down to about half a can it can't be used on flat markers. It's one of those crotchety old time cans that only sprays when you've got it perpendicular with god's green earth. If it's tilted it starts to spittle and launch tiny globules at the stone rather than give it a nice even coat. It's not really a dealbreaker I just reserve the new cans for flat markers and use the older ones for upright stones. Good stuff though!