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$10 off $125+ 🍂 $15 off $200+ (no code required)

Linseed Oil Soap SOLID

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Ottosson Färgmakeri Linseed Oil Soap SOLID

Ottosson Solid Linseed Oil Soap is cooked in the same artisanal way as the liquid soap. It contains neither perfume nor preservatives and, like Ottosson's liquid soap, is an overfatted linseed oil soap that does not dry out the skin. PH 8.4

The use of the solid soap can be slightly different from the liquid one, as it fits perfectly on vertical surfaces because it does not run off, such as when cleaning an oven. One of the many advantages of the solid soap is that it is concentrated and we thus minimize the transport of water. When diluting the solid soap with water, 0.5 liters of solid soap corresponds to approximately 1.5 liters of liquid soap.

For a ready-to-use solution: Dissolve 2 tbsp. per 5 liters of water


  • Brush washing
  • Cleaning/scrubbing wooden floors
  • Carpet cleaning


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