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Marmo Care System - Renew and protect marble, granite, stone


Protecting the environment where we live allows us to live with great comfort. The kitchen is the place where we  enjoy the best moments Marmo Care System is a set of products formulated to clean, protect and shine  surfaces of Marble, Granite and Stones.

Marmo Cleaner: water-based cleaner ECOLABEL, ready to use, formulated to remove any dirt without   damaging the surface of the marble, granite or stones of  the KITCHEN /BATHROOM TOP ,  Its effectiveness is immediate on coffee stains,  tea, cooking oil and ketchup . It is certified and guaranteed for foodstuff direct contact.

Marmo Protection :    protective , water-based, odorless, and  long-lasting;  designed specifically for the KITCHEN/BATHROOM TOPS in marble, granite and stones. Thanks to the special water-based formula, it  guarantees a strong waterproofing  and allowing breathing of natural stones.  Marmo Protection  is a water-based, non-toxic , non-flammable product.  It is certified and guaranteed for foodstuff direct contact.

Marmo Shine:   polisher, water-based, odorless, and long-lasting, designed specifically for the KITCHEN /BATHROOM TOPS in marble, granite, stones. Thanks to its   special formula which guarantees a long lasting glossy surface and stain free, with minimal cleaning. It is certified and guaranteed for foodstuff direct contact.

Technical Data Sheet

Marmo Cleaner SDS

Marmo Protector SDS

Marmo Shine SDS


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  • Hello, Can you please advise if these products are any good for marble stone graveyards. I have my father's grave in white marble, over the decades few stains have been built, I am looking to find the right product to clean and maintain the white marble. Hopefully return it to original look if possible. Your information would be very much appreciated. Thank you very much.

    This product in particular is designed for interior use so I would not recommend it for gravestones.
    D2 Biological Solution is the best and most popular historic gravestone cleaner in america.