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Use code ATLAS for 10% off your first order with us!

Max Swipes® - 25 Towelettes

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Features & Benefits: 
  • Thick pre-moistened towelettes for convenience.
  • Fast removals, just a few minutes for most uses.
  • Low odor with minimal or no ventilation requirement for added safety, indoors or out.
  • Nonflammable, non-combustible for added safety in use.

    MAX SWIPES® is one of five "Graffiti MAX" products, each custom formulated for specific graffiti removal needs. If its "smooth and durable", MAX SWIPES towelette is the right choice for the job.

    Recommended For Removal On:
    Metals: Steel, stainless, aluminum, galvanized, brass, copper, anodized aluminum, zinc.
    Glass: All types of glass, glazed tiles, ceramic, porcelain, polished stone; such as marble, granite.
    Durable Painted: Factory applied baked on paint or catalyzed paint such as auto, truck, bus, heavy equipment, utility boxes, construction trailers, boxcars or similar.
    Durable Plastics: Fiberglass, polyethylene or polypropylene portable toilets or bathroom partitions, laminated wood, plexiglas, Lexan, vinyl siding.

    General Instructions: 
    • Test in hidden area for effect on painted or plastic surfaces.
    • Remove MAX SWIPES Towelettes from center thru opening.
    • Pull at 90° angle to tear at perforation.
    • Ball towelette up and wipe over affected area.
    • For paint, you may have to turn the towelette and repeat the process until graffiti is removed.
    • After area is cleaned, you may wipe surface with a clean damp cloth to stop remaining action.

    Safety Instruction For Use:

    • Use chemical resistant gloves for repeated or extended use.
    Consistency: Pre-moistened polypropylene towelette.
    Coverage: Non-porous surfaces 1-2 square feet per towelette.
    Use Temperatures: Not limited, will work slower at cold temperatures.
    Storage: Store between 40°F and 130°F. DO NOT FREEZE. If frozen, thaw. Keep out of the reach of children.
    Flammability: Nonflammable, non-combustible. Flash point over 200°F.
    V.O.C.'s: .2 Ibs/gallon, 25 grams/liter H.A.P.S. - none.
    Volatility: Very low rate of evaporation. Ventilation required in confined areas.
    Biodegradable: Yes
    Shipping: Not regulated, D.O.T. Proper shipping name: Cleaning Compound N.O.S., Class 55.
    Effective On: Spray paint graffities, marker, pen, ink, crayon, shoe polish, lipstick, pencil, and most other graffiti marks or stains.
    Other Uses: MAX SWIPES Graffiti Remover Towelette removes road tar, asphalt, oils, greases, gum, wax, tree sap, and many other difficult to remove graffities from durable smooth surfaces.

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