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10% AUTOMATIC DISCOUNT UNTIL MAY 31ST! Click here for D/2 Before & After Cleaning Contest

Organic Raw Linseed Oil (1 Quart or 1 Gallon)


Produced at Viking Sales facility in New York State. 

Purified linseed oil made from cold pressed linseed oil is used as a binding agent in linseed oil paint. The raw oil is used for the glazing putty. Both raw and boiled linseed oil can be stored indefinitely.

Purified and sterilized according to the old method. Rejuvenate wood or apply on cleaned metal to prevent rust. Apply warm. Apply thin coats. Cleanup with linseed oil soap. Coverage 600-820 Sq Ft/Gal. For paint removing. Heating the surface with the Silent Paint Remover while applying, allows faster absorption. Always clean surface with linseed oil soap and water prior to application. Scrub with a stainless steel scrub pad. Wipe surface with a wet microfiber cloth. Avoid pressure washers that force water deep into wood.

Applications: Use this organic raw linseed oil as a base coat before linseed oil paint. Wood Shingles, Wood Siding, Wood Decks, Porches, Wooden Boats, undercoating for cars etc.

Paint Removing: Use to reconstitute old paint prior to heating with the Silent Paint Remover. Softens paint layers and reduces paint dust created by scraping.

This product is not bleached or filtered. Not for food or hygiene applications. Not sensitive to freezing. Organic Raw linseed oil dries significantly slower than organic boiled linseed oil.

Ingredients: organic, cold-pressed, purified, sterilized linseed oil. Made in the USA. No Petro Chemical VOC.

About Organic Linseed Oil
MADE IN SWEDEN The Scandanavian people have known about the unique properties of linseed oil for several thousand years. Linseed oil penetrates into wood, protecting it from moisture and rot.

Linseed oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the flax flower. This is done "cold" to prevent impurities getting into the oil.

The raw linseed oil is purified and refined through the addition of oxygen to produce boiled or "cooked" linseed oil. This process eliminates protein and improves aspects such as the drying time, shine and purity. Purified linseed oil is mold and mildew-free.

Thinning the Linseed Oil Paint.
Maintenance of old Linseed Oil Painted surfaces.
May be used as a first coat on extremely dried out wood.
Add a few ounces of paint to the boiled linseed oil to create a stain.
Purified Raw Linseed Oil is excellent for long term storage of paint brushes.


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