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D/2 Cleaning Contest!
D/2 Cleaning Contest!

PC-LUMBER - Epoxy putty used as a filler

SIZE: 1oz
COVEGAGE: 2.5 cubic inches

PC-Lumber™ Epoxy Putty is pre-measured and mixed by hand. It is used as a filler where a small amount will solve the problem. Within 60 minutes it is cured and ready. The putty can be easily formed and shaped.

Here are just a few specific uses (there are hundreds of other uses):

  • Reset or secure loose hardware in wood (hinges, handles, latches, etc.)
  • Fill abandoned screw and nail holes in cabinets or paneling
  • Fill dings and dents in molding or doors
  • Fill woodpecker and carpenter bee damage to exterior siding and paneling
  • Rebuild display corner in retail store


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