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D/2 Cleaning Contest!
D/2 Cleaning Contest!

PC-WOODY - Two part epoxy paste that is excellent for filling cavities in wood

PC-Woody® is a two part epoxy paste that is excellent for filling cavities in wood. Make permanent repairs without shrinking, cracking or popping out of exterior wood. Sand, drill, nail, prime and paint or stain. Bonding filler for replacement wood. Not brittle. Easy 1:1 mix ratio.

When mixing equal parts “A” and “B” we generally recommend eyeballing the amounts but if more precise measurements are desired, based on an average net weight for each size unit we have:

Woody 106 grams A to 100 grams B

Here are just a few specific uses (there are hundreds of other uses):

  • Repair window sills or frames for property maintenance or restoration
  • Repair and fill damaged dormitory or apartment door
  • Repair damaged pressure treated wood rail for home, golf course or resort
  • Fill and cap wooden piles or columns of condominium complex
  • Replace and fill knots and checks in floor

ADVISEMENT:  Staining PC-Woody is possible but results will vary depending on the stain.  Lighter color stains are ineffective.  Use stains containing greater pigment.  Stains that contain only dye will produce disappointing results.  Tinting the paste with colorant or dry pigments is effective.  Solid stains, Stain Markers and paint will solve most problems.

Safety Data Sheet

Front Data Sheet

Back Data Sheet


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