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Poten Spray and Wipe Cleaner - 1 Quart



A high potency, low foam cleaner and degreaser that is especially effective against oily, greasy soil for industrial and institutional cleaning. As a concentrate it can be mixed with 30 to 40 parts water for general cleaning. In quarts, ready-to-use, it is many times more effective than supermarket brands. It’s not a soap, not an ordinary detergent, it is non-combustible, non-caustic, contains no abrasives, leaves no gritty residue and only requires rinsing on food contact surfaces.


  • Industrial Strength: Made to do tough cleaning of greasy, oily, waxy soil.
  • Fast Acting: Penetrates, loosens and suspends hard to remove soil and prevents its redeposition.
  • Replaces Petroleum Distillates: In many cases this non-flammable, water based cleaner will replace hazardous solvents – not just for housekeeping, but for production use as well.


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