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Use code ATLAS for 10% off your first order with us!

Speed Penetrant Sealer (SPS) - 1 Quart

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A waterborne penetrating sealer designed for substrates with a porosity greater then 5%.

Great for concrete floors, porous stone / clay flooring and as a grout sealer!

S.P.S. (Speed Penetrant Sealer) is a highly water resistant sealer designed to penetrate into substrates that have a 5% or greater porosity and create a barrier to the migration of waterborne minerals (efflorescence).

Perfect muli purpose sealer.

Excellent for materials such as: Grout, Concrete floors, Wood, Saltillo, Limestone, Sandstone, Clay products. Concrete products and mortar.

S.P.S. has the following characteristics:

    Blocks efflorescence migration

    Interior / Exterior versatility

    Easy clean up

    High alkaline resistance

    High water resistance

    Low V.O.C.

    U.V. resistant

    Low odor


Preparation prior to use: Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of detergent residues. Do not clean porous materials with sulfamic or powdered acid, use Sparks Brick & Tile Cleaner.


Using a brush apply a moderate first coat. Rollers are not recommended. Wipe any puddle material standing on surface after a few minutes. Apply a second coat, if necessary in 2 hours (longer for high humidity or cool temperatures). Allow S.P.S. to dry completely before application of a surface (topical) sealer.


Appearance: Milky white, dries clear

Freezable: Protect from freezing

Hardness: Tg = 30

Dry and Cure: Approx. 2-4 hours

Temp. Window: 50°-90° F. (10° C) Min.

Odor: Pleasent

Coverage: Approx. 400 ft/gal average, less on very porous materials.

pH: 8.0


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