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Use code ATLAS for 10% off your first order with us!

Speedheater Cobra (Free US Shipping + Raw Linseed Oil)

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Speedheater 700 Cobra - Free US Shipping + Quart of Raw Linseed Oil!

The Speedheater Cobra makes paint removal efficient and easy on interiors, exteriors, windows, furniture and all types of joinery and woodworking.

*Pro tip! Use Raw Linseed Oil as 'accelerator oil' with the Speedheater System. Apply 12-24 hours before using the Speedheater for quick and easy paint removal*

Fast, easy and environmentally friendly

Thanks to its gentle technology and unbelievable speed, the Speedheater Cobra is in a class of its own. The Cobra sets you up for success, ensuring you get the perfect result. Works on all paints, varnishes and glues. Perfect for stairs, doors, windows, furniture and so much more!

  • Speedheater works in temperatures of 110-160°C (230-320°F)
  • A traditional heat gun works in temperatures of 400-600°C (750-1100°F)
  • Lead paint starts to evaporate around 360°C (680°F)
  • Speedheater works in low enough temperatures that lead paint will not evaporate and no toxic fumes are created!

Product Details

The Speedheater Cobra is the compact, lightweight paint remover that is especially effective at removing paint from window sashes and tight, angled surfaces, like moldings, curved surfaces and banisters.

Just like its big brother, the Speedheater Standard, Cobra uses infrared (IR) technology to safely and gently break the bond between multiple paint coats and the wood surface below. The process only takes a few seconds, and the temperature never gets hot enough to damage wood, crack glass or release any toxins from within the paint.
This methods also kills mold and fungus and dries out moisture from many types of surfaces. And it’s environmentally friendly thanks to the fact that it doesn’t use any chemicals whatsoever! It makes paint removal quick and efficient, and once the old paint has been removed, the wood can be primed and painted right away. 

Easy To Use & Versatile

Benefits of the Speedheater Cobra:

  • Quick and easy to use. It only takes 1 to 3 seconds to soften paint.
  • Highly versatile. It works on many different surfaces, including wood and concrete, and removes paint, putty and varnish.
  • Environmentally friendly and gentle. No chemicles, comparatively low temperature.
  • Easy to handle, maneuver and store.

Paint removal for detailed wood pieces

Cobra’s infrared radiation makes quick work of narrow nooks and crannies. Now you can efficiently remove paint from wood detailing, including ornate table legs, banisters, gingerbread trim and beautifully carved detailing on furniture.

Specifications for the Speedheater Cobra IR Light

About  IR light with flexible head for easy use and maneuverability, even in tight spaces
CE In compliance with EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-45 standards
Heating Area 3.6" x 2.7"
Connection Standard single-phase grounded outlet
Cord 3 x 1 sq. mm rubber cord, 8ft long
Volts 110-120
Watts 700
Amps 5.8
Weight 1.3lbs
Dimensions Length = 14" Width = 3.75"

Speedheater Cobra Manual
Speedheater Cobra Instructions

Exposure Test Report
Residential Lead Test Summary
Personal Lead Exposure Assessment


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