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D/2 Cleaning Contest Deadline is September 30th! Click for details
D/2 Cleaning Contest Deadline is September 30th! Click for details

Stain Glass Putty - 1 Gallon

  • One gallon of putty will cover 336 linear feet

For glazing and bedding glass in both wood sash and doors. Ready for use and for easy application under the knife and thumb. A modern glazing compound that remains elastic. Allowing for normal expansion and contraction. Adheres to all glazing surfaces, forming a permanent watertight bond between the glass and sash. After Sarco has skinned, it may be painted with oil or latex paints.

The Stain Glass Putty is formulated to be more compatible with stain glass. It is softer than Type M and Dual Glaze.


Ask a Question
  • Is this just tinted Dual Glaze? If not, what makes it different (and appropriate for stained glass)?

    The Stain Glass is darker than the Gray Dual Glaze and is a slightly different formulation that uses more linseed oil. We've added a new photo to all of the sarco putty listings showing the difference in color between Type M, Dual Glaze, Dual Glaze Gray, and Stain Glass.

  • How long does this product take to cure? Is it waterproof? What's the consistency of the putty? Is it very runny?

    Stain Glass Putty is slightly softer than Type M and Dual Glaze putty but it is not runny. It will cure in a few days to a couple of weeks depending on the environmental conditions. It is waterproof and works very well for glazing and bedding stained glass.