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Swedish Linseed Oil Paint - Zinc White

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Ottosson Färgmakeri Swedish Linseed Oil Paint - Zinc White

Please Note: Zinc White is not to be confused with White Titanium Zinc. Zinc White is transparent and not to be used a white linseed oil paint, but rather used as a 'white breaking paint' for color shading. 

Zinc white linseed oil paint has poor hiding power and is primarily useful as a white breaking paint for color shading. Zinc white linseed oil paint gives increased shine and hardness to the paint surface. The content should not exceed 30% by weight in a finishing coat outdoors as there is a risk of cracking.

Thanks to its transparency, zinc white can be used for white glazes if you add linseed oil/turpentine. Zinc white has a well-known ability to prevent the growth of algae and mold.


  • Dilution of linseed oil paint for custom colors
  • Mix with linseed oil paint for increased shine and hardness to the paint surface
  • Mix with linseed oil and/or turpentine to create a white glaze
  • Helps to prevent growth of mold and algae

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      • Can you paint over windows that had latex paint on them? Some are bare wood others still have residual paint that's just been sanded down smooth. Using Sarco glazing.

        Yes, that will be fine. We recommend applying the linseed paint in very thin coats and sanding inbetween.