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Use code ATLAS for 10% off your first order with us!

Water Color Artist Paint Set - 18 Colors w/ Wooden Box

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Ottosson Färgmakeri Water Color Artist Paint Set - 18 Colors w/ Wooden Box

Complete set of Ottosson 18 watercolorpaints in a practical wooden box

  1. Bensvart - Bone black in ivory quality is a very pure black pigment. Semi-transparent, is both a accumulator and a beautiful biter
  2. Ardoisgrå - Ardois is french for slate, a gray very transparent pigment, acts as a body and accumulator. Beautiful in blends, lays in the background
  3. Rå Umbra - Warm brown tone. Naturally occurring earth pigment, historically widely used, one of our oldest known pigments
  4. Tierra Di Siena - Transparent traditional inorganic soil pigment, behaves like a pile.

    One of our oldest known pigments

  5. Terra Pozzuoli - A transparent clear and strong watercolor paint, of the earth tones.
    Slightly a biter. A natural and traditional soil pigment

  6. DPP Irgazinröd - This is our replacement for Cadmium red. A clear transparent stainer. Irgazine is a modern organic pigment.
  7. Krapplack Mörk - A transparent stainer. Strong, clear dark red. An organic, synthetically produced pigment with the historical crab root as earlier model
  8. Pariserblå - Semi-transparent strong, bites and stains. Also known as “Iron Blue”, “Prussian Blue” and “Milori Blue”, always synthetically produced. Deep dark blue in tone. Known since the 18th century
  9. Koboltblå - Semi-transparent pigment distributor. Very nice clear blue color, medium strong. Traditionally much appreciated in art painting
  10. Ultramarinblå - Transparent. A synthetic pigment that mimics Lapis Lapzuli (true Ultramarine). It has a clear blue tone with hints of red
  11. Lapis Gråblå - A genuine lapis lazuli is extracted from mineral to pigment in three batches. The first batch is blue while the last is more gray-blue and is called Ash. It is also more laser-like than the first extractions. Lapis Ash gives a very beautiful shimmer that is not replaced by synthetically produced ultramarine
  12. Koboltviolett - Not perceived as a strong opaque color but is an opaque stainer.

    Has a clear pure violet tone that is difficult or impossible to reach when mixed with, for example, ultramarine. Known since the 19th century in art painting

  13. Koboltgrön - Opaque clear green color that when painted in thin layers acts as a pigment distributor. Discovered in 1780 and is still a synthetically produced pigment
  14. Monastralgrön - Transparent, very colorful. Bites. A bright green slightly blue color. Synthetically made. Also known as “Phthalogreen” - a relatively new pigment from 1927
  15. Verona Grönjord - Verona green soil is a very transparent accumulator. Very kind in mixtures, gives body and a little shimmer. Naturally occurring pigment. Used in art painting especially for sketching as it is so weak. Very popular during the Middle Ages.
  16. Irgazingul - Transparent yellow, works as a accumulator. Bites. Changes color in thinner layers from clear greenish to warm yellow. Is a modern manufactured organic pigment with very hight lightfastness
  17. Mörkgul - Is an inorganic modern opaque and strong coloring yellow pigment that works as a pigment distributor

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