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Go BIG Sale! Take 12% off orders $250+ and FREE tee's w/ orders $150+
Go BIG Sale! Take 12% off orders $250+ and FREE tee's w/ orders $150+
Ottosson Färgmakeri Linseed Oil Paint

Ottosson Färgmakeri Linseed Oil Paint

We're excited to stock all 55 standard colors of Ottosson Färgmakeri Linseed Oil Paint!

We have just received our latest order direct from Ottosson in Sweden! We now inventory all 55 standard linseed oil paint colors. The bulk of colors are split between 2x listings, and the Zinc White + White Primer Indoor are listed separately as not to get confused with the standard colors. The difference between Zinc White and White Titanium Zinc is that White Titanium Zinc is a pure white which can be used on it's own, and is also often mixed into other standard colors to create custom shades. Zinc White is primarily used as a 'white breaking paint' for color shading, but has very poor hiding power and is not used on it's own as a paint color.

Linseed Oil Paint Listings

We are working towards all size options as well as the beautiful matte color collection. Linseed oil soap is also back in stock as well as a bunch of other goodies including turpentine, new brushes, and linseed oil hand soaps, which make great gifts!

The following excerpt is found on the manufacturer website and you can learn more about Ottosson below!

"Linseed oil paint is a sustainable product based on the natural linseed oil, pigment and drying agent. It contains no synthetic substances, is inexpensive and thus saves resources in several ways. Maintenance is also resource-efficient because it is often enough to oil the surface when it has been exposed to sun and wind. Neither the paint nor our packaging contains plastic – a problem that is growing into one of our major challenges when it comes to the environment. Today's water-based paints contain plastic and may be the single largest source of microplastics in the ocean."

About Ottosson

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