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Betonamit now in stock!

Betonamit is a non-explosive cracking agent is a non-toxic powder. When mixed with water and poured into holes 1 1/4", 1 3/8" or 1 1/2" diameter, it hardens and expands, exerting pressures of 12,000 psi. Reinforced concrete, boulders, and ledge are fractured overnight with no noise, vibration, or flyrock.

Betonamit is perfect for indoor and
outdoor demolition projects including:

Machinery bases
Concrete Piers
Slabs 6" thick or more

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Bon Tool - Setting Bars, Pinch Bars, Shovels and Probes now available

Bon Tool - Setting Bars, Pinch Bars, Shovels and Probes now available

Atlas Preservation now stocks a wide range of Bon Tool pry bars for various monumental and related applications.

Bon Riverworks Tools are all forged out of high quality American steel and are manufactured in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. 

Bon Tool was founded in 1958 through the strength of their one specialty masonry product and has grown to be a manufacturer sustained through the focus on three basic priorities: Innovation, Value, and Service.

Sarco Putty- A fresh batch now in stock in all sizes

Sarco Putty- A fresh batch now in stock in all sizes

We have both the Multi Glaze (1 and 2 Gallons) and the Dual Glaze (1 Pint, 1 Quart, and 1 Gallon).

Sarco Putty is the top selling historic window glazing putty.

Sarco MultiGlaze Type M, Natural color (for glazing indoors, in the shop)
This is a traditional “knife grade” putty that works easily and skins over in 2-3 days.

Sarco DualGlaze (for glazing outdoors, in the wall)
Takes several days to skin over.

Sarco Putty was founded by Edward Sarsfield Sr. in 1943 during World War II while his son Edward Sarsfield Jr. served in the Air Corp. Starting out in Chicago on N. Clark St. they quickly outgrew their building and  in 1949 built a 15,000 square-foot structure near Midway Airport in Chicago. In 1968 Sarco Putty became a full line GE silicone distributor to complement their already popular glazing products. After 70 years of manufacturing top-quality glazing compounds, such as Type-M used to reglaze the windows in the White House in 2009, Sarco Putty looks forward to keeping the tradition of bringing top quality products into the future.

New Website Design

We weren't feeling satisfied with how our website looked so we changed it!

We hope you like the new look, layout, and style!

Along with this update, we have also added more products.


Slings & Hoists Now For Sale!

We now have added products to our Slings, Hoists, and Lifting Hardware sections!

All of them are from

In the sling section we have 3 different slings, all with a variety of lengths:



And in the hoists section we have 7 different hoists ranging from $144.99 to $334.99. (1/2 to 2 Ton)


More Youtube Videos!

Just uploaded 5 more youtube videos covering multiple topics; all taken place in Glastonbury, Connecticut.


- D/2 Cleaning

- Gravestone Surveying

- Infilling Brownstone Gravestone

- Brownstone Monument Treatments

- Granite History


Pratley in the USA!

Pratley in the USA!

Over the past week we have received a variety of Pratley products and launched another website dedicated it. We are using the name PratleyUSA because we are now the North American distributors for Pratley products.

Pratley is a company from South Africa that originated and specializes in adhesives, but has expanded to a multitude of product lines. Everything Pratley makes is extremely high quality and has been tested extensively.

As of now Pratley isn't a known name in the USA like it is in many other countries, but we are confident people will love their products once they get to try them. We can't wait to test more of the products ourselves and showcase them in videos in the near future.

Check out this cool video about Pratley:

Youtube Channel Up & Running!

Youtube Channel Up & Running!

Just made and published a couple quick youtube videos to start our "How-To" series. We will continue to add more videos to our channel, stay tuned to see more!

These two videos are showing how to open and mix Akepox epoxy, then prepare the stone and apply the epoxy. 

Freeport's former Carnegie Library statues get a facelift

Freeport's former Carnegie Library statues get a facelift

Company owner Jonathan Appell is mentioned in this article for the advice he gave to use D/2 to clean the two iconic statues in Freeport, Illinois.

FREEPORT — In the next week or so, passersby should notice the two statues sitting south of the former Carnegie Library look much cleaner.

The statues, which are part of a set representing the four seasons that Freeport industrialist W.T. Rawleigh bought in 1931, aren’t covered with dirt and marred by pit-like indentations, as some residents think, said Jessica Modica, executive director of the Freeport Art Museum.

Rather, a lichen is growing on the Carrera marble and can be killed with a biological solution, said Sharon Welton, executive director of the Stephenson County Historical Society. Modica and Welton removed what lichen would easily fall off with brushes on Friday and then applied the solution. They plan to return to brush off the dead lichen and spray down the statues again, if needed.

Their efforts dovetail city officials’ plans to finish renovating the former library at 314 W. Stephenson St. into a new City Hall so the offices can open in January.

“I’m glad the city has decided to keep them here,” Modica said. “They are iconic to Freeport.”

Welton’s friend, Jonathan Appell, who conserves monuments and headstones, examined the two statues in early June and donated the biological solution to their efforts. Overall, they are in great condition for their age, but restoring the glaze that once covered them would be expensive, Welton said.

She suggests adding gravel or other landscaping around the concrete bases to avoid grass trimmers getting too close to the two statues.

They were made by Italian sculptor Ferdinand Vichi. Two statues from the set, Spring and Summer, are at the Freeport Art Museum, 121 N. Harlem Ave., so the statues outside the Carnegie Library are likely Autumn and Winter, although they are not labeled.

A receipt in the historical society archives indicates Rawleigh paid $943.45 for the set in 1931. According to two inflation calculators, that would be between $13,800 and $14,800 in today’s dollars.

Workshop in Arkansas October 15th!

Workshop in Arkansas October 15th!

LITTLE ROCK–The Arkansas Historic Preservation Program will host free cemetery preservation workshos in Lamar during October, AHPP Director Frances McSwain announced today.

Monuments conservator Jonathan Appell will lead a workshop from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, October 15, at Brown Cemetery on Arkansas Highway 359 at Lamar. The workshop will focus on how to clean, re-set and repair tombstones, as well as instructions on cemetery maintenance, suitable cleaning products and proper techniques to use. Appell will also speak on cemetery preservation at the Johnson County Historical Society at 131 Main Street in Clarksville at 6 p.m. on Friday, October 14.

Registration is limited to 40 people per workshop, and lunch will be provided. Participants are encouraged to bring knee pads, gloves and hats.

To register for a workshop, or for more information, contact Holly Hope at (501) 324-9880, write her at 1100 North Street, Little Rock, AR 72201, or send an e-mail message to her at