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Use code SPOOKY for 10% off!

Akepox 2040 Knifegrade - (750 Grams or 3.75 KG)

by Akemi

Paste-like, 2-component construction adhesive.

Used for bondings to vertical surfaces in construction work and for levelling off the surfaces of natural and artificial stone which are particularly uneven. For glueing tiles. Ideal for modelling. Very good adhesion to damp stone, aluminium and other metals.

Mixing ratio 2:1

Safety Data Sheet Part A     Safety Data Sheet Part B     Technical Data Sheet


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  • Hello, what is the outdoor temperature range that this product is good for? I am trying to find information on glass transition temperature for the epoxies by Akemi and am not having much luck. Could you please help? I am trying to use the product on a marble headstone in the southern Arizona where ambient temperature rises up to 120 deg F on a hottest summer day.

    Please view this page for more information about Akemi Akepox Epoxies.
    You can also check the Technical Data Sheet.