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Annual Spring Sale 🌱 15% OFF! No code required

Akepox 5010 Gel-Mix 50ml Cartridge

by Akemi

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Akemi Akepox 5010 Gel-Mix 50ml Cartridge

Weather-resistant, gel-like, 2-component construction adhesive in cartridges, only slight tendency to discolour. Can be exactly dosed and homogeneously mixed, foodsafe (certified by an external German testing institute)

For bonding of face joints indoors and outdoors (facades, mitre joints, quadratures).  For Techno Ceramics, quartz composite, concrete ashlar and hard stones. 

Product Details

  • Press it out with the gun and it is already mixed.
  • Mixing Ratio 2:1
  • COLOR - Transparent-Milky-White

Akemi Gun For 50ml Cartridges
Extra Mixing Nozzles
5010 Tubes + Cans

Questions & Answers

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  • what type of gun is used to dispense the adhesive

    Click here for the gun used for Akepox 50ml cartridges

  • Is there a over the counter solvent useable for cleanup if necessary? Thank you.

    Once the epoxy is hardened it is permanent and you cannot use anything to break it down. The only way to remove it at this point is to chisel / grind it away. Before it is cured (hardened), however, you can use acetone to remove any excess.

  • Directions to prepare the surface Jerry Deakins

    Apply to a clean and dry surface.

  • Is this the best epoxy to use to repair a broken tablet headstone along with some fine grained sand

    Yes! The 5010 is exactly what you want to use to repair a snapped tablet stone. Once the repair is completed, you can mix some 5010 with fine stone dust to create an infill material.

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