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Use code ATLAS for 10% off your first order with us!

Akepox 5010 Single Mix Knife Grade - 265 ML

by Akemi
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Akemi Akepox 5010 Single Mix Knife Grade - 265 ML

*please note that this product requires a standard caulk gun*

Gel-like, 2-component construction adhesive, color resistant, only slight tendency to dis-color, ideal for coloring.

For face joints indoors and outdoors-particularly where they are visible. For quadratures and restoration work in contact with mortar, ideal for white natural and artificial stone.

Professional no drip caulking gun
Extra nozzles

Mixing ratio: 2:1
Size: 265 ML

Safety Data Sheet Part A     Safety Data Sheet Part B     Technical Data Sheet

Questions & Answers

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  • Just to be clear, this can be used over several days or so as long as the nozzle is replaced?

    Yes, that is correct! The epoxy will only harden and become unusable once it is mixed

  • Does the mixer tube need to be discarded and replaced between uses, since there is partially mixed product remaining inside?

    Yes. If it sits for more than 20 minutes and the epoxy hardens, you need to replace with a new one.

  • Does it dry clear?

    Yes, the Akepox 5010 dries clear. It is also UV stable and pigment-able.

  • Does this dispense with a standard 10 oz. caulk gun?

    Yes, the Akepox 5010 single mix is used with a standard caulk gun.

  • I have 2 large and 3 small (child ) headstone to bond vertically, 3 are stone and 2 are concrete. Is this the correct product, and how much will I need?

    Akepox 5010 is the best epoxy for fractured/broken headstones to join them back together and make them one piece. 
    If you are joining a headstone to a base that is most commonly done with monument setting compound around the perimeter, a spacer in each corner, and some epoxy at a few contact points. An excellent option for the epoxy is the Pratley Standard Setting Putty.

  • Can you dispense the product on a paper plate and mix it with a spoon when the mixing tube has expired?

    Yes, you can dispense onto a paper plate and mix manually

  • can this be used to repair a broken brown stone slotted base base

    We recommend using the Keyway Repair Kit which uses historic pointing mortar to repair a headstone in a keyway slotted base! Moderate Strength Fine is usually your best bet.