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D/2 Before & After Cleaning Contest
D/2 Before & After Cleaning Contest

D/2 Biological Solution Set (Large)

Add D/2 Bucket with lid

This gravestone cleaning set includes:

D/2 Biological Solution - 1 Gallon
D/2 Biological Solution - 1 Quart Spray Bottle
Smith Sprayers - [Handheld] Grab & Go Sprayer/Mister - 1.5 Liter
Magnolia Brush - 8" Short Handle Scrub Brush  - Tampafil
Magnolia Brush - Medium Handle Scrub Brush - Tampico
Magnolia Brush -  Nylon Detail Brush
Marshalltown - Plastic Margin Trowel 5" X 2"
3" Plastic Scraper
2" Plastic Scraper


Ask a Question
  • Does the bucket have a lid

    Yes the bucket includes a lid.

  • Does the bucket have a handle?

    Yes, the bucket has a handle.

  • What are the bristles on the following products made from? Magnolia Brush - Short Handle Scrub Brush Magnolia Brush - Medium Handle Scrub Brush Thank you! Jan

    The short handle scrub brush has tampafil bristles, and the medium handle scrub brush has tampico bristles.
    This will be added to the product description as well, thank you for pointing this out.

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