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Tablet Fracture Repair Kit

Original price $151.50 - Original price $302.50
Original price
$151.50 - $302.50
Current price $159.50
Epoxy: Akemi Akepox 5010 - 450g tubes
Clamps: 12" Clamps

Atlas Preservation Tablet Fracture Repair Kit

Supplies needed to repair a snapped tablet stone.

Kit Includes:

Akemi Akepox 5010

Gel-like, 2-component construction adhesive, color resistant, only slight tendency to dis-color, ideal for coloring. For face joints indoors and outdoors-particularly where they are visible. For quadratures and restoration work in contact with mortar, ideal for white natural and artificial stone. After hardened, this product is harmless to health upon contact with food products. Mixing ratio 2:1

Tenax Eliox

Tenax Eliox is an extra clear bi-component epoxy knife grade glue approved for food contact. Suitable to fill, glue and laminate marble, stone, granite, quartz and ceramic. Can be used indoor and outdoor. This product is extra clear, soft and light, easy to spread and with a high gloss and brightness. Mixing ratio 2:1

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  • What is the difference between the two types of epoxies offered in this kit? Can either one be used? Or are there certain stones specific to each one? Thank you

    Either one can be used. The 5010 is the gold standard so to say in terms of application and UV resistance over time. The Eliox is very similar and just as strong but at a more affordable price.