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CleanStone Hardwater Stain Cleaning Set - Large

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Brushes: Mason Acid Tampico Brush #179

CleanStone Hardwater Stain Cleaning Set

*please note that the CleanStone + Endurance Hardwater Stain Remover should only be used on granite headstones and are not safe to use on marble, brownstone, limestone, etc.*

Hardwater Stain Cleaning Kit includes:

Tapered wood handle for bruch #179 sold separately

    Atlas Preservation CleanStone

    CleanStone is an expanded glass brick made to clean and remove hardwater staining from monuments.

    • Made to clean & remove hardwater from monuments
    • Easy to use and will not damage the stone
    • Use with Sparks Brick & Tile Cleaner for maximum effect!

    Endurance Hardwater Stain Remover (NEW!)

    Product Details

    • Removes hard water staining from cemetery monuments from irrigation water and sprinklers
    • Removes light rust, cement, lime stains & efflorescence from brick, block & stone
    • Cleans grout, clay tile, glazed & vitreous tile
    • Cleans Porcelain tubs, sinks, toilets, shower heads
    • Removes fireplace soot and smoke staining
    • Can be safely used inside the home to clean blackened fireplaces of soot and smoke stains
    • Do not use on limestone, real travertine or marble

    Directions For Use on Granite Cemetery Monuments:

    Attach a squeeze trigger sprayer to the quart container, or pour into a trigger sprayer with a funnel. Spray directly onto monument from top to bottom making the stone completely wet with cleaner, or pour a small amount in a non-metallic dish or tray. Apply with a tampico fiber brush or pad applicator.

    Watch for foaming action (which occurs from the reaction with lime scale). Allow to dwell on the granite surfaces for at least a few minutes or longer as needed. Brush in orbital and or random motions with a soft bristle tampico cleaning brush. Rinse well with potable water. If polished surfaces are not fully cleaned, rub with CleanStone glass block as needed. If unpolished or rock pitched surfaces are not fully cleaned, apply a second coat of the cleaner and repeat the brushing and rinsing process.



    *please note that when using the hardwater stain cleaner, it is recommended to wear gloves and optional to wear eye protection*
    *please note that the hardwater stain cleaning kit should only be used on granite and never on marble, limestone, brownstone, etc.*

    • Spray solution onto the entire surface of the stone
    • You will see the solution foam up as the acid interacts with the hardwater staining
    • Use your Tampico Acid Brush to scrub the entire surface of the stone
    • Once scrubbing is completed, rinse the entire stone well with clean water
    • Let stone dry completely
    • If staining still persists, scrub the dry stone with CleanStone!
    • Dust may settle from scrubbing with the CleanStone and you can rinse the entire stone with clean water to finish the job

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