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D/2 Biological Solution Giveaway - Winners announced Friday, March 5th!
D/2 Biological Solution Giveaway

D/2 Biological Solution Set (Small)


This small gravestone cleaning set includes:

D/2 Biological Solution - 2 Quart Spray Bottles
Smith Sprayers -  [Handheld] Grab & Go Sprayer/Mister - 1.5 Liter
Magnolia Brush - Short Handle Scrub Brush - Tampafil
Magnolia Brush - Nylon Detail Brush
Marshalltown - 3" Plastic Scraper
Marshalltown - 2" Plastic Scraper


Ask a Question
  • Can you ship this to NSW Australia?

    We can ship to Australia, however the shipping cost is going to be very high. If you're still interested please let us know, thank you.

  • How big is the Grab & Go Sprayer?

    The dimensions are approximately 5" X 5" X 12"

  • Is there any difference in what types of stone the biological solution is safe for? All stones I need to clean are within 50 years old and are granite or marble

    D/2 Biological Solution can be used on any type of stone or monument. It works great on granite and marble.

  • What's considered a small stone? Is it enough to do a couple of headstones? Thanks

    Yes, the 2 quarts of D/2 Biological Solution is more than enough for a couple headstones. Everything else in the set is re-usable. 

    "Small" is actually in the title of this because it is smaller than the other stone cleaning set we sell.